ProQuimica is licensed LIA - Licensed Industrial Applicator, delegated by DuPont because of our extensive knowledge and experience in implementation and consulting nonstick coating

Industrial Coatings

Flexible finishing.

Coatings funcionamientios increase capacity and sealing systems in the industry, such as dairy and elastómros increasing staining properties. These seals may be in need of contact with acids or chemical agents require high resistance to abración or even the need to eliminate noise as they rub. All this has a solution with flexible finishing coatings ProQuimica fluoro-polymer based

Studs and bolts.

We metallic materials and coatings with these mixtures of fluoro polymers to inhibit corrosion and even develop custom coatings to provide solutions to specific customer needs.
Among the properties of the coatings of fluoropolymers are:

. Low friction coefficient
. Excellent adhesion to metal
. Resistance to corrosion
. Range of use temperature to 260C-250CC
. Available in variety of color
. Dielectric

Hooks, plates and supplies for painting.

Coatings applied to increase the capacity and performance of hooks and supplies for painting.
In a Teflon surface with no painting is rendered permanently attached.

When painting any piece of equipment through a chain of these are covered with paint creating an excess or "Build Up"
Teflon can do 2 things:
Reduce the build up on hooks and aditapentos as well as savings in cost of cleaning them.

Baking industry, molds and trays

We offer a wide range of recubrmientos for all types of molds and materials, designed to simplify and streamline the many different types of products in the food industry.

Improve mold release, nonstick properties for the industry it into molds, Charols flat, die cut trays, molds caortadores cookies and all kinds of machinery.

Hotplates y selladores de plástico

Our experience has enabled us to develop a coating to withstand the demanding specifications to resist this process of constant temperature 280C to 310C intermittent achieving that does not adhere to plastic dishes sealants examples thus achieving lower costs generated by the maintenance and cleaning thereof.

call and schedule a visit from one of our technicians who will help them to solve such problems in their processes.

Coatings for the oil industry

We have certifications from different sectors and companies to THE APPLICATION coatings in oil and chemical sector.

ZINC Phosphate high weight used to increase resistance to corrosion and to prevent mooring admosfera in threads for steel parts.

Phosphate manganese Premium thread used to increase corrosion resistance atmosfericay also to prevent mooring on the threads this coating is more consistent in weight and thickness characteristics.