Our equipment has the ability to implement parts of up to 3 meters in length and 1.90m in height, from one piece to mass production.


ProQuimica is equipped with different batch ovens


3 x3 x 2. (metros)

2 x 2 x 1 (metros)

1.2 x 1.2. x 1 (metros)

1 x .5 x .5 (metros)


ProQuimica has characterized by having a great relationship at all levels of organization, this has definitely helped to have workers with 20 years experience at our sites.

ProQuimicafacility has a 50% increase in production capacity, increase of 1.5 shifts 3 shifts

Quality Assurance


ProQuimicahas over 20 years as a licensed applicator Dupong (LIA) and its managers and staff are in continuous quality attending training courses conducted by DuPont and Withford updated with the latest technologies.

We have a laboratory with the ability to prepare a wide range of tests on all coatings and certify all our services by a certificate of quality.

We currently work with ASTM standards for all our tests Laboratory internal.